We are a local company that has been in the Denver and front range Colorado mortgage and real estate community for 18 years.

We can offer guidance and support for buying a new home in the Denver Metro area  and front range Colorado.

We will help you obtain the lowest mortgage interest rates available for refinancing your current loan. We provide first time homebuyer information, credit report consultations, down payment option advice. We can advise you on short sales or foreclosure. You will find the customer service and answers you are looking for, and more.
We believe in small business, and support individuals and other companies that believe in supporting our local community. We are an affiliate of Nova Home Loans and are both a mortgage bank and mortgage brokers.  This structure gives us the flexibility to provide most kinds of residential real estate loans that are available and it also allows us to deliver them to our clients at wholesale rates and prices.

Our goal is to provide our clientele comprehensive planning advice and support for their real estate financing needs.

We make it our mission to find you the most sensible, lowest cost method of borrowing money and we will get it done quickly.

We pride ourselves on being a local company whose goal is to serve the local community and do everything we can to support the improvement and continued success of Colorado residents.  We strive to truly assist and benefit the clientele that come to us for help.

Colorado mortgage loans

Whether that help comes in the form of delivering the most effective and lowest cost real estate financing available, helping a real estate agent find a way to further improve the productivity of their business, or to simply advise a past or present client about things they might need to do to get through some temporary financial difficulty; we are ready to provide it.

Integrating our client’s needs in financial planning, credit history and debt management with the wide array of real estate financing options available in the mortgage market is what makes our team professional and experienced.

Taking one more step to actually care about the people we work with is what makes us valuable and important. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, we have the tools and the experience to comprehensively meet your needs and the dedicated desire to do so!

headRightI, personally, have been in the Colorado mortgage and real estate community for 19 years. My success and longevity is primarily a result of putting my customer’s interests as my first priority.  Sales is finding a way to get someone their highest and best good.  I rely heavily on the clients that I have helped over the years and the business partners and advisors with whom I have developed solid relationships.

These people all play a role in not only promoting my name and my business, but also in making sure that I always have a strong network of support, knowledge and expertise.

I am a graduate of University of Colorado and my degree in Economics has always helped me to better understand the ideas of money and lending, and the trends that take place in the real estate and mortgage markets.  I am encouraged, everyday, by the fact that I get to help people understand the benefits and advantages of owning real estate and how to best go about doing that.

I hope that I can be of assistance to you too!

Ted Wedewer