Productivity is primarily about doing the things that are within YOUR power to have an affect on and exploiting THOSE things to their greatest extent. So many times we, as sales people, get caught up in “the market” or “interest rates” or “the economy” or the “blah, blah, blah” that is OUTSIDE of things that we can affect. Today, I am going to include my typical interest rate explanation and rate sheet, BUT only for the sake of being informed about and understanding the environment in which we operate so that we can make good decisions for ourselves and our clients. Remember: “Nothing is either good or bad, only your thinking that makes it so.” (Mr. B.S.(aka Shakespeare)) While most real estate agents and mortgage people are concerned with the idea that this “tidal wave” of economic change (i.e. rates moving a lot higher) will be a sub-conscious excuse for why we aren’t doing more business, you HAVE TO remember that there are still people out there who need to sell and buy and people who don’t care about what rates are. Our job as real estate and mortgage professionals is to FIND those people and help them make the best decisions given the environment in which we find ourselves! Keep sowing and you will, in turn, reap!

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