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Local Small Businesses are the foundation of ANY economy.

For those of you that appreciate the things that small businesses do for our economy, community and culture, please check out this website that I came across a while back:  As an economics major and a person who gets a little overly excited about talking about “big picture” trends, political policy and the general direction of our society; I have been thinking seriously for the past few years about what things need to happen to move us in a better direction, cuz (and forgive me Mr. Bernanke) I don’t think QE is doin’ it!  This site is really hitting the nail on the head with a general theme of strengthening smaller, locally oriented businesses as a means of strengthening local communities and putting more emphasis on LOCAL responsibility versus centralized FEDERAL government and HUGE, market-moving companies (i.e. Fortune 500) both of which EXTRACT resources from local communities and redistribute them to other places (usually manipulatively and much less efficiently).  This kind of topic has been made to seem very drab, uninteresting and downright BORING by the proponents of “political correctness” (i.e. mainstream media) which is exactly why our culture is very apathetic about these issues.  My belief is that we (as members of a LOCAL community) are much better served by taking this issue more seriously and TAKING ACTIONS on protecting our friends and family within our LOCAL community.  Check out this short video and troll around the rest of this site when you have a little time:  …she says “‘ted’ was supposed to be inspiring!!!”  THAT’s another ‘ted’ :).

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