This is the skyline, State Capitol and Rocky Mountains. It shows morning light on what is known as the Mile High City.

The importance of voting

Ted Wedewer’s comments:

Waterbed Kev! You have outdone yourself today and I will take the time to encourage your thoughts because you are MONEY today brutha! The direction we are going in terms of concentration of wealth IS appalling and DOES need to be reconciled. The biggest “rule” or “law” this country needs to embrace and bring back to attention is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The consolidation and massive growth of companies and corporations has allowed these entities to become market-MANIPULATORS and market-MAKERS rather than simple market participants. These corporations are what elect our politicians (your VOTE does not matter!) and, in turn, write the laws (and tax codes) that we are governed by. These corporations only exist for 2 reasons: profit and growth. Anything that gets in the way of those things (e.g. ethics, morality, humans, birds, trees, land, etc.), WATCH OUT! These companies will continue to grow and CONSUME uncontrollably until they consume everything in their path. PEOPLE need VOTE with where we spend our money and we need to VOTE with our mouths by spreading these ideas (that worship things OTHER THAN PROFIT!!!!) that will maybe put some resistance in this “science” of runaway/”too big to fail” companies, corporations and gub’ments!!!” They are all manipulators.

The above comments were a response to my good friend Kevin Robert’s comments:

Woke up in an Economics mood so think about this: Fact The richest 400 Americans have more money than the next 150million (half of America)!! Now for those “pure capitalist that say good for them and they are “Job creators” (pardon me while I laugh) ha… OK I’m back… Job creation is not about opening a brick building and hanging a sign … If so why do so many companies close their doors every year…. I’ll wait??? … Give up, its called lack of Demand to cover cost of business!! So who really creates jobs? Its the middle class better known as consumers! U cannot create a company that sells products that people Dont want or can’t afford… True Capitalism is not entirely free market otherwise we would not need any regulatory overseers like the FDA, that keep businesses honest (supposedly but that’s another rant)… So Capitalism at its purest form is best served when you invest in and make sure the consumers have discretionary income to be able to buy products and THEN the demand will dictacte the Suppliers (Entrepreneurs to open up new businesses and compete for consumer dollars)! Everyone including the rich does better when you enrich the middle class! If the current trend continues where working class people work 2 jobs and still barely get by you America will become a third world country!! (Which is chariteristically defined as a country with no middle class). Dont believe that?? Look at any third world country and you will find Ultra Rich and extreme poverty… Or open up any history book pick an Empire …Roman, Persian, Mesopatamian, Greek on and on and see what was their downfall it was to big of divide between rich and poor (and loss of morality again another rant)! What’s the economic solution … Start by raising min wage and capping CEO pay, invest in education and regulate Wall Street!! U wanna argue that with me? Again open up a history book and see how we bounced back from The great depression and created the most prosperous Nation in the history of the Planet from Ashes!! OK I’m done….

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