Get Outside of the Typical Politics “Box”

Hey Democrats (and Republicans)-
Can I make a subtle suggestion? Let’s try to envision the possibility that there are more options than these 2 extremely limiting ones. Let’s try to consider the possibility that there really are infinite options “outside the box” of modern-day politics. Can you imagine the man-hours that are being spent debating whether Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton are going to make any tangible difference to the world that we live in? We could probably build 100 Egyptian pyramids with all of those man-hours. (Or better yet, maybe we could get a BIG start on building some ideas for building some TRUE communities in our world!)
Let me let you in on a couple of not-so-secret secrets: 1. Trump ain’t gonna win even if he wins the popular vote, the establishment folks (i.e. corporate leadership) will make sure that someone who represents THEM better will win this office (i.e. Hilary Clinton). Knowing this should make you (and I), as participating citizens, want to spend our time doing something OTHER THAN debating the strengths/weaknesses of these 2 nit-wits. There are literally infinite possibilities. “Voting” is the most passive alternative you (or I) have. Our votes will be rendered meaningless based on what I’ve described above and even IF what I’ve described above doesn’t unfold, our lives aren’t going to change dramatically anyway. Remember Obama’s original campaign slogan? Change. How much changed? We continued on the path of big companies getting bigger, amassing more power and wealth, manipulating the political system more and more. We continued fighting wars in parts of the world where we don’t need to be bullying people and stealing their resources. We continued to make up more and more money via the Federal Reserve Bank all in the name of helping our economy “grow.” Those all sound to me like the same things the guy before him did, no? Whether Trump or Clinton win this election, the same things will continue happening. We, as voting citizens, will continue to become more and more dependent on government hand-outs and corporate technologies and conveniences just to survive and our dependencies on these things will, in turn, cause us to HAVE TO give up more and more of our freedoms as humans to get them. My suggestion is this: DON’T be dependent on those things!
I know that suggestion isn’t an easy one and we have spent a LONG TIME irresponsibly and neglectfully not looking for ways to not be in this situation. The good thing is that it is NEVER too late to start working on “a fix.” The first thing to do is to stop PRETENDING that this system that we have is good or great or the only one that can be. It isn’t. In fact, when you start getting to the core of it, it really is absolutely insane. We have rules upon rules upon rules and most of us just follow these even though most of them have very little functional or REAL reason for being. We have become “accustomed to” doing things primarily because everyone else is doing those things. I have another secret for you: just because someone else is doing something (even politicians or CEOs or other supposed “leaders”) doesn’t, by itself, make it “good” or “right” or “productive” or “ethical.” The word ethics comes from the Latin word ethos which means habitat. If we TRULY want to be “ethical,” we should spend time becoming much, much more aware of our immediate habitat and understanding how much more directly and fundamentally dependent (and necessarily so) we are on IT than we are on the things I described above. Could we feed ourselves, cloth ourselves and continue to propagate ourselves with this habitat without the support of “outside” or external resources? Does this question seems silly? Does it seem like we would NEVER have to resort to that option? What would happen if Kroger didn’t stock its shelves for a week? What would happen if water didn’t come out of your faucet every day like it does right now (by the way, there are large parts of our world that are densely populated by people where these things DON’T happen). Our habitat is a vastly dynamic and symbiotic ecosystem that we (as Americans) have been programmed to take for granted and, as a result, become fairly removed from and unaware of. ACTIVE alternative #1: don’t do dat!
ACTIVE alternative #2: humans are social creatures (i.e. we function better in groups of people than we do individually). The most fundamental unit of society is a family. We, as a culture, would be best served to put this unit at the absolute pinnacle of our priorities (right at or underneath the level of our habitat). Sure we listen to stories about our parent’s vacation to Hawaii where they played golf and drank wine, and we brag about our son who just got into Stanford and will be working toward his law degree where he will learn to take advantage of other less sophisticated folks, and sometimes we will even spend time eating a huge meal together and being thankful for the abundance that we TRULY are SO, SO, SO LUCKY to enjoy. BUT, do we ever view our family as a true “team?” A team that we invest in, and depend on, and mentor, and sacrifice for, and commit to ABSOLUTELY? Do we ever value our family MORE THAN we value ourselves? Would that be good? If we all learned to give in that manner rather than focusing on ourselves, would our communities be stronger, would our habitat be more healthy?
Our LEADERSHIP has been failing us for years. They have done this because we let them. We let them convince us that they would take care of things for us. We have gotten lazy and have not taken the responsibility bestowed upon us by the “old guys” that put this whole thing together. They were PARTICIPANTS in the process. They didn’t just vote. They didn’t just debate. They didn’t just think of themselves. They THOUGHT about things in a very, very fundamental and philosophical manner. They thought about the welfare of those that would be here 200 years later. They BUILT arguments on a very, very firm and fundamental foundations. They BUILT things with their hands and they fought for their freedom with their hands. Those were leaders. The only way to get those type of leaders back is to BUILD THEM with our hands and thoughts. Forget Trump, Clinton, Obama and the rest of these failed leaders. We need to build new leaders from the BOTTOM UP. Not the opposite. The only way to do that is to DO something. It is up to US!

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