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Mortgage Pre-Approval Service is a trusted mortgage bank serving clients in Colorado and the Denver Metro area with mortgage pre-approval. We work with homebuyers seeking financing for their home purchase.

We walk you through each step of the lending process, from pre-approval to closing. Our personalized service helps you understand the lending process, interest rates, closing costs, and down payment options.

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What Is Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Mortgage Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification are somewhat confusing terms whose definition depends on the company you are working with.  Your goal is to get the most CLEAR and TRUTHFUL answer about the status of your loan inquiry and loan application as early in the process as possible. will make sure that you are fully aware of whether or not you have a Pre-Approval and how that will help you in the Real Estate market. You can start your Pre-approval process by filling out our CONTACT FORM or CALLING US directly

GET PRE-APPROVED to Buy a New Home

Get Pre-Approved to Buy a New Home - Mortgage Pre-Approval

How Does Mortgage Pre-Approval Work?

A PRE-Approval is generally recommended before you begin shopping for homes, and it will help you tremendously in understanding your budget and the details associated with what to expect in terms of down payment and monthly payments.

Not all homebuyers get Pre-approved before shopping for homes, but those that do are much more likely of getting their offer to purchase a home accepted by a seller.  A genuine Pre-approval indicates to a seller that you, as a buyer, are prepared and capable of buying the home from them.

Most mortgage pre-approvals are good for 90 days and they are subject to detailed conditions that will be discussed once that approval is issued.

We help you navigate this process, including providing you Pre-approval letter that you will be able to provide to your Real Estate Agent and/or the Seller.

Home Buying with Confidence acts as your Colorado home-buying tour guide. This process can be a bit overwhelming on your own. Working with an expert to navigate the loan details offers peace of mind.

Our team can help with the home-buying process, including:

  • Determining the pre-approval amount and obtaining a pre-approval letter.
  • Understanding interest rates, monthly payments, down payments, and closing costs.
  • Following the timelines and understanding the steps in the process.
  • Preparing you for other things you should expect in the process.

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Understanding the Home Buying Process

How to Prepare for Buying a Home

  • Plan for your down payment – We will discuss your financial options to determine how much you can afford to put down and the amount you should put down. These two figures may not be the same.
  • Determine your maximum home price – Many homebuyers qualify for more than they may want to be able to afford to pay for a home. While this is a good problem to have, it also is a good time to discuss other parts of your financial plan so all things are considered. Family budget, retirement planning, educational savings, and other financial issues are all worth considering at this point.
  • Examine your credit – Some aspects of your credit score are long-term, but others reflect short-term actions. For these, you can take steps to increase your credit score quickly. We will discuss strategies to improve your credit score and give you tools to help with this process.
  • Understand your long-term financial plan – You may have different financial goals depending on your phase of life. Whatever your situation, we aim to help you see how homeownership fits into the big picture.

Next Steps After Loan Pre-Approval

Once you’ve determined the amount you are approved to finance, shopping for homes in the appropriate range becomes much easier for you and your Real Estate Agent.

Your Real Estate Contract should include every detail agreed upon by all of the interested parties. Sales Price, Closing Dates, other deadline dates, Earnest Money (funds deposited with the seller) are just a few of the details contained in most real estate contracts.  Ensure you review the terms and deadlines to know when to have things accomplished and completed. Your real estate agent will help you track the timeline and follow through on the details.

You will continue working with your lender throughout the process of your real estate transaction.  There are many things happening throughout the course of your contract phase that your lender will need to know about and help you with.  Maintaining excellent communication with your lender will be a big help during this phase.

This is one of the most effective “insurance policies” you will ever pay for.  Having a professional Home Inspector go through the home you are purchasing will help you to discover things that you may not have looked for on your own.  You don’t want to finalize the sale and then realize the home has significant issues, like a foundation crack or a faulty roof.  An inspector will basically use a fine-tooth comb approach and if problems are discovered, you can negotiate with the seller to lower the price or make repairs.

In most cases, the mortgage lender requires an appraisal report to verify the home’s value. Your lender will order this on your behalf.  Then, they will review the information with you to ensure you understand the value of your new home.

The lender submits the appraisal report and the rest of your loan file to their underwriter, who will finalize the approval of your loan. Once that is complete, you will review closing figures and make sure everything is ready for your closing. You and your lender should communicate frequently at this point to ensure you are well-prepared for your closing.

The closing is a formality where you sign the paperwork and consummate the purchase of the home.  Your lender and real estate agent will have covered almost every detail to make the closing smooth.  Closings usually take about 1 hour.  After the closing, most buyers are free to move into the new home, but the Possession date defined in the Real Estate Contract may say otherwise.

Colorado’s Trusted Mortgage Bank is a great resource for a mortgage pre-approval. Our team guides clients through the home buying process using their proven knowledge, skill, and experience.

As a mortgage bank, we provide and service many types of mortgages to meet the needs of homebuyers. We prioritize personalized service and clear communication.

You can count on us to manage the details and make the mortgage process as smooth as possible. We’re with you each step of the way to bring peace of mind.

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Highly recommend working with Ted. This was the 3rd home purchase Ted assisted us with and as always his service was flawless. He communicated with us throughout the process and was always available to answer any questions we had. We ran into a few issues with this most recent purchase and Ted stepped up for us on several occasions and kept everything moving forward. He worked with both our agent and seller’s agent to iron out the hiccups and get us to closing and we couldn’t be happier.

Stephanie E.